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Every client and traveler has the opportunity to check the safety our vehicles.

Just go to the national website  and enter the registration number of the vehicle received when proceeding with booking. There you will obtain a full report on the technical condition of the vehicle and the current insurance.

Here is the feedback from some of our clients (the portal  www.tró


“A competent and professional carrier. The driver was very nice and polite. He has advised us on the best route throughout the whole tour to get everything done better. Most of all, the coach had the safety belts, which was very important in the case of trip with children. I do recommend to others!”


“I recommend !! Polite and friendly driver, the transport service provided reliably and professionally.”


“I highly recommend Adrian Coach Transport from Chwaszczyno. Extremely kind and honest driver. In May we went to Lithuania. Nice atmosphere during the trip. The breaks on our request were made quite often. There was possibility to watch movies on the bus and drink coffee. Well functioning air conditioning. The coach neat and tidy.”


“I recommend this carrier. Great drivers who safely traveled with us and a comfortable coach, the reclining seats allowed for a quiet sleep while travelling. The rental price was very competitive to other companies, and additionally, you could always count on hot drinks during the trip. “

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